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Silver State Wire Rope and Rigging, Inc. prides ourselves in providing you and your company comprehensive wire rope and rigging solutions. With our locations in Las Vegas and Northern Nevada, we offer a full range of conventional and custom engineered rigging products and solutions, as well as a full spectrum of tension and non-destructive testing. This testing includes magnetic field testing of wire rope tension testing of wire ropes and mining rope tension testing to CSA G-4 test protocols.

Along with general purpose and high performance wire rope, cable, slings, and specialized cables, we have a complete range of rigging hardware items and field rigging services. Silver State Wire Rope and Rigging, Inc. also offers rigging rental items for many of the projects you have.

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With a primary focus on safety, Silver State Wire Rope and Rigging, Inc. is the only company of its kind in the state for wire rope and rigging solutions. With general offices, manufacturing facility and warehousing in Las Vegas and Elko, Nevada and several product divisions, we specialize in a broad spectrum of wiring and rigging-related services.

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As an established supplier of services and materials to numerous commercial enterprises and governmental agencies, we employ only the best master riggers and artisans in our industry to help you get a quality rigging solution for your project. Regardless of its size, every job order is to the highest standard of safety and the letter of the Rigger’s Code.

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Our company works hard to achieve the goal of providing our customers with quality and real solutions for moving and controlling forces and loads in a wide array of situations. Every environment which will use our products is unique, so we will go the extra mile to evaluate the situation to provide the safest option for the project.

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